About us

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We are a company specializing in home textile products, established in 2023, we provide different kinds of home products, including rugs, tablecloths, table runners, placemats and so on.

Our purpose: More and more people pay more attention to the matching of soft outfits. The cost-effectiveness of changing soft outfits is very high. Different colors and styles give people different feelings. It can even be said that changing a set of soft outfits It is equivalent to changing a style. Every once in a while, we will launch exquisite styles, hoping to be liked by you.

Our pursuit: High quality is our pursuit, we hope to bring you a safe, environmentally friendly and high-quality product, and bring you a better home experience.

Our philosophy: We want to convey a concept through simple household products - love yourself and your family, and add a little surprise to ordinary days.

So thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!

To contact us at any time with questions about products, order status, any questions or to provide feedback, please select the options below:
  • Send an email to the customer: info@linendawn.com
  • Call us at +86 153-8894-6155